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What is snoring?

If you wonder what is snoring? It is a serious condition that most people leave unattended as they are not aware of the risks. To understands the risks in details, you first need to understand how your body works, what it is that makes you snore, snoring causes and why it happens in the first place.

Understanding Snoring

When you fall asleep at night, your body relaxes. This is an automatic response of your body that allow you to rest. However, when your body relaxes, every single muscle and tissue in your body relax as well, including the ones inside your mouth and throat. Sometimes, you tongue relaxes in such a way that it falls back blocking your airway and the entrance of air. Sometimes, soft tissues in the throat area collapses against each other blocking the entrance of air as well. Sometimes, these two things happen simultaneously.


The blocking of your airway results in that familiar vibration sound that we know as snoring. This is actually dangerous, because as your airway is blocked, your body is constantly struggling to get oxygen and that is the reason why you wake up feeling tired the next day.

If you on the other hand you are worried about what is snoring and sleep apnea.


There are several snoring treatments and they are proven to have an effectivity above 90%. However, there are devices that work depending on the cause of your snoring, here are some details about the most effective treatments to help choose wisely the snoring treatment that you need.

Sprays: These sprays contain natural essences and oils that are proved to provide relieve. They are applied into your throat or nostrils. These Sprays shrinks and tightens soft tissues creating more space for air to flow.

Mouthpieces: There are a wide variety of mouthpieces and they are the treatment most used by snorers. A popular oral appliance is VitalSleep, you wear it at night to keep your airway clear.

Snoring ring: what is a snoring ring? It is a ring you put in your finger. These rings have little dimples that are meant to apply acupressure in crucial points of your finger resulting in a positive stimulus draining nasal cavities.

Pillows: There are a great variety od snoring pillows with different designs so you stay in the same position all night. These positions will help you to keep your airway uncooked while you sleep.

AntiSnoring Chin Straps: They are really easy to use, because you wear it while you sleep keeping your mouth closes to avoid snoring sounds. However, this is not a device recommended for mouth breathers.

The nasal strips: We all know nasal strips and most people chose this treatment because it is very popular, however, it is only useful if your snoring cause is a congestion, it will not solve any problem happening inside your mouth and throat. However, they are a great supplement to use with other anti-snoring treatment.


There is a great variety of treatments and finding the one you need may take some time. You have to find the one that works depending on the cause behind your snoring issue.

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