Snoring Causes - Find out why you snore and how to avoid it

Snoring Causes

Snoring is not only annoying for the ones sleeping near your, snoring affects your quality of life. It may seem like a not dangerous condition but in fact, there are a lot of risks connected to snoring, for example, headaches, incapacity of concentrate, low oxygen levels in blood, obesity, fatigue, dizziness and it is directly connected with sleep apnea, an even more serious condition as your oxygen supply is important for brain functioning. There are plenty of snoring causes that you need to know to look immediately for a solution

What causes snoring at night

Now that you know that snoring actually damages your health and your performance during the day, what is snoring? We can define snoring as the vibration produced by overlapping tissues, the resulting sound of our tongue blocking the passing of air or both at the same time. This happens because when we sleep our soft tissues and tongue relaxes. Although snoring is common, even more is we suffer a nasal congestion, chronic snoring is a serious condition that must be immediately treated.

What causes snoring in adults

There are many factors determining the cause behind snoring. There is a small percentage of snorer children and the cause is usually linked to other conditions like a simple cold or large tonsils. However, in adults, causes are different. Occasionally snoring is common, but snoring becomes an issue when it is chronic as it decreases your quality of life. Among common causes, we can name anatomic issues, allergies, alcohol consumption, obesity, among others.

What causes snoring in female

In women, the sound of snoring is less intense and not that obstructing, so many women do not even realize they snore. However, they do present other associated symptoms such as insomnia, depression and muscular tension and when taking care of these related symptoms, snoring also tends to disappear. Women between 60 and 70 years old are more prone to suffer from snoring.


If you want to know how to stop snoring, there a lot of different treatments you may try until you find the right one. The important thing here is to takes action before your snoring starts triggering other serious conditions. Common treatments include nasal sprays, special pillows, anti-snoring rings, chin bands, nasal strips and my personal favorite, oral appliances. I like ant-snoring mouthpieces because they work on 100% of the cases as they keep your airway clear while sleeping allowing the proper entrance oxygen without producing any sound. Among mouthpieces, Vital Sleep is one of the most comfortable anti-snoring oral appliances you will ever find as you can adjust it, customize it with your denture and you can find it in different sizes.


Finding a solution is important to feel energized I vitalized during the day. There are a lot of factors that may cause your snoring, depending on your age, your mouth anatomy, your gender and your lifestyle. However, with all of this information you will be able to look for the best treatments to enjoy a better quality of life.

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