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Snoring Symptoms

There are plenty of risks associated to snoring. If you snore, looking for a solution is very important to improve your quality of life. In order to look for a proper treatment, you first need to know what is snoring, what are its symptoms, what are its causes and what are its risks. Keep reading and we will explain everything in detail.

About Snoring

Snoring is cause by the vibration of something obstructing the proper entrance and exit of air through your airway. There are two responsible, your tongue, the soft tissues around your throat or both. There are also occasionally snorers who snore because of a congestive nose due to allergies or a cold, but this occasional snoring is not persistent and will not damage your health.


There are some factors that may cause snoring. Overweight and alcoholism trigger snoring, so an easy way to recover your quality of life is simply changing some habits and decreasing the amount of food and alcohol you have before going to bed. Men are more prone than women to snore and as years go by, the intensity and symptoms of snoring increase.


Snoring health risks are must be attended and taken seriously because this obstruction that make you snore, also impedes your body to get the proper amount of oxygen it needs to work properly. Snoring may also be a warning of an even more serious condition like snoring sleep apnea symptoms.


Snoring signs and symptoms vary depending on your snoring. Below, you will find a snoring symptoms inventory with most common symptoms experienced by snorers:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of energy
  • Constant fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • High blood pressure
  • Low oxygen in your blood
  • Heart failures


There a lot of different treatments so patience is of essence until you find the right one for your particular case. The most used remedies involve specially designed pillows to maintain your throat area cleared, nasal sprays that act as decongestive, anti-snoring rings that use acupuncture, chin bands to maintain your mouth closed, snoring exercises to strengthen your tissues and tongue, nasal strips to keep nostrils cleared and anti-snoring mouthpieces. These oral appliances work by keeping your jaw in a forward position so your tongue and soft tissues will not be able to obstruct the passing of air and oxygen through your airway.

Anti-Snoring mouthpieces

This treatment provided instant solutions and it is 100% safe and effective. Although there is a great variety of mouth pieces, I really recommend VitalSleep because it has features than most common mouthpieces do not have, such as an adjustability system and a molding method to get a perfect custom fit. It is very comfortable to wear and use. If you are interested, you can read some VitalSleep reviews to find more specifications about this product.


Do not wait another minute and take action now to improve your quality of life. There are different solutions depending on your time and preferences. Take care of your health and enjoy feeling energized again.

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Snoring Health Risks

Snoring is believed to be harmless, but in fact there are plenty of dangerous snoring health risks. If you are want to know how to stop snoring and you are currently looking for different methods, below you will find valuable information that can help you out.

Snoring is known as the vibration produced by sift tissues or by our tongue when they obstruct the passing of air through our airway. This happens because when you fall asleep, your body relaxes and your tissues and tongue fall against each other.

Common causes that may be triggering snoring are overweight, alcoholism, your sleeping position and your natural mouth anatomy. If you eat heavily and drink alcohol at night, by reducing the amount of food and alcohol intake you will be able to reduce snoring. Also, sometimes changing position helps reduce snoring risks.

Symptoms vary, some snorers just feel tired during the day, but there is a wide variety of symptoms that you may be experiencing due to your snoring, such headaches, lack of concentration, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, chest pains and heart failures. To avoid symptoms to go worst, it is very important to recognize to try different treatments and avoid snoring heart risks.

In order to know the cause behind your snoring issue, you can perform an easy test. Stick out your tongue and bite it firmly to hold it in place. Then, try to make a snoring place. If you cannot do it, it means that your tongue is responsible for your snoring. If you can, then the soft tissues around your throat are responsible for.

There are different treatments you can try depending on the reason why your snore. For example, nasal strips and sprays only work if you snore when it is allergies season or when you have a cold. They do not usually work if you snore because of an obstruction in your airway.

If you look for a natural treatment for snoring, exercise may help you out to tone your tongue, muscle and tissues in your throat area. You can perform them at home without any risk. For example, you can reach your palate with your tongue, bite down yawn, and exercise repeatedly to strengthen tissues and muscles preventing them to fall back when you are relaxing.

If you are thinking about medical procedures, snoring surgery risks are not that high as it is a simple procedure with a laser or radiofrequency. However, it does not always work and they are very expensive as they are not covered by any insurance.

If you would like a rapid and comfortable solutions, mouthpieces work on more than 90% of snoring cases bringing instant relief. The work pulling your jaw forward while you sleep keeping your airway unobstructed. In this VitalSleep Review you can details about how it works and how to buy it. The most outstanding features are that it is safe, comfortable and easy to adjust and mold.

There are different methods, so you will need patience to try them all, the decision is in your hands and you are the only person who can do something to improve your quality of life.

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Snoring Causes

Snoring is not only annoying for the ones sleeping near your, snoring affects your quality of life. It may seem like a not dangerous condition but in fact, there are a lot of risks connected to snoring, for example, headaches, incapacity of concentrate, low oxygen levels in blood, obesity, fatigue, dizziness and it is directly connected with sleep apnea, an even more serious condition as your oxygen supply is important for brain functioning. There are plenty of snoring causes that you need to know to look immediately for a solution

What causes snoring at night

Now that you know that snoring actually damages your health and your performance during the day, what is snoring? We can define snoring as the vibration produced by overlapping tissues, the resulting sound of our tongue blocking the passing of air or both at the same time. This happens because when we sleep our soft tissues and tongue relaxes. Although snoring is common, even more is we suffer a nasal congestion, chronic snoring is a serious condition that must be immediately treated.

What causes snoring in adults

There are many factors determining the cause behind snoring. There is a small percentage of snorer children and the cause is usually linked to other conditions like a simple cold or large tonsils. However, in adults, causes are different. Occasionally snoring is common, but snoring becomes an issue when it is chronic as it decreases your quality of life. Among common causes, we can name anatomic issues, allergies, alcohol consumption, obesity, among others.

What causes snoring in female

In women, the sound of snoring is less intense and not that obstructing, so many women do not even realize they snore. However, they do present other associated symptoms such as insomnia, depression and muscular tension and when taking care of these related symptoms, snoring also tends to disappear. Women between 60 and 70 years old are more prone to suffer from snoring.


If you want to know how to stop snoring, there a lot of different treatments you may try until you find the right one. The important thing here is to takes action before your snoring starts triggering other serious conditions. Common treatments include nasal sprays, special pillows, anti-snoring rings, chin bands, nasal strips and my personal favorite, oral appliances. I like ant-snoring mouthpieces because they work on 100% of the cases as they keep your airway clear while sleeping allowing the proper entrance oxygen without producing any sound. Among mouthpieces, Vital Sleep is one of the most comfortable anti-snoring oral appliances you will ever find as you can adjust it, customize it with your denture and you can find it in different sizes.


Finding a solution is important to feel energized I vitalized during the day. There are a lot of factors that may cause your snoring, depending on your age, your mouth anatomy, your gender and your lifestyle. However, with all of this information you will be able to look for the best treatments to enjoy a better quality of life.

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